EasySwim makes your child’s swimming lessons easy and super fun!

Our dream is crystal clear. From a young age, children should be able to move freely and safely in and around water. Creating a lifetime of fun in water starts with the best and most fun swimming education. With its proven methodology, that has been perfectly adapted to the way young children learn (both in motor skill development and from a pedagogic point of view), EasySwim is becoming the standard in swimming education!

The composition of the swimming education, the exercises that are provided and the structure of the courses are significantly different than before. This results in more fun, more motivation, and higher learning efficiency.

Our vision has led to a method in which children immediately start in (to them) deep water. This stimulates maximum development of the sense of water and ensures high intensity. The safety is guaranteed by using a specially developed float-suit. The result: from a broad base your child really learns how to swim.

Immediately in deep water with the safety of EasySwim. Children quickly gain confidence and develop fast. 

The EasySwim method comes with the instruction of the swimming-instructors. Because we are from the Netherlands and trying to learn the Swedish language, we can’t offer the instructions at this point. We want to be able to educate instructors well. That’s why we will limit ourselves by selling the products below.

EasySwim Pro is a float-suit used for swim education.

EasySwim Baby is a suit for baby’s that will keep them warm during their time in the water.

EasySwim Fun is a float-suit for recreational use.

If you would like to order the products, please contact us and we’ll gladly be of assistance.

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